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soooooo… i don’t know where to begin! my family is a really close knit family, we are extremely blessed! and my older cousin david had this girlfriend and he brought her to one of our family gatherings. i thought she was super pretty and if anyone knows me you know i love meeting new people especially when i was younger i was a social butterfly!  i was so super happy and bubbly when i was younger that it sometimes annoyed people lol unfortunately life changed me. anywho, she was very shy and to herself but every time he brought her to a family gathering i would always go over and talk to her and make her laugh i know she thought i was crazy but i didn’t care heck i am crazy lol but i wanted her to feel welcomed and comfortable and i think i did =)

anywho, fast forward to a few years ago when my cousin david—that’s his name and michelle—that’s her name lol decided to get married. they asked me to be one of the bridesmaids and i gladly accepted i felt so honored. this would give michelle and i some more time to bond and hang out so i was down. after, that we started our friendship i would always text and check up on her, especially after they moved to california.  well, i knew my cousin-michelle made websites and i was about to quit my job to be a stay at home mom and start a photography and blog business so i asked her if she would make me a website—and she said yes and there our friendship took off high speed! i was always a very friendly and outgoing person who had a lot of female friends and stuff, but michelle wasn’t she was more reserved, shy and to herself. so i knew i had to show her i could be trusted and that i was genuine. so i was just myself! and our friendship blossomed to us becoming bestfriends. it was so organic and natural! i love how we are so different but yet so much alike. i love how we can be totally honest and truthful and voice our different opinions and respect each other.  i have a couple best friends so i am extremely blessed but everyone isn’t as blessed a michelle and i to have a true best friend! within this time my daughter, madison rose was turning 1 years old and michelle and david made my husband and i some personalized shirts as well as madison a bunch of shirts and outfits for her birthday. yes they also have a t-shirt business (www.sosickwithit.com) check them out now! and she is a blogger (www.cupkakeinpumps.com) they are a true power couple i love and look up to them! we also have a business together check out www.dreamaandcupkake.com to see what it’s all about =) anywho, so madison’s 1st birthday party comes and boom my cousin michelle flies thousands and thousands of mile to surprise us! (thanks cousin david she told me it was your idea you rock!) man, you talk about surprised and happy! i was shocked out of this world…you will see in the video. but i just want to tell you michelle and david how much that meant to madison and i! you have no idea how special that was! for someone who is always there for us to hop on a plane and fly to celebrate the birth of my first child that’s one of the best gifts i’ve ever received. the thought and heart that went into that is nothing but pure love! michelle you have one of the purest, genuine, sweetest, authentic, hugest hearts i’ve ever came in contact with and for us to be this close at this time in my life is nothing but god! pure fate! you and david have helped us tremendously and every last thing you guys do is appreciated! so yes that’s why i’m gonna make you guys millions yea i said it lol we are gonna make millions together and change the world! =) well, with that being said…i just want to wish you the best birthday a girl could have! i pray god blesses you with all your hearts desires and more! i pray i’m half the friend you are to me and really know how much i love and appreciate you…for simply being you an awesome human beingwho i call my bbf! i’m also so super happy you and my other besties love each other i’m the luckiest girl in the world lol =) sooooo here’s to you kid! *happy birthday and many many more!*

check out a few pics and the video below featuring my famous uglyyyyyyy cry lol…

*i love you cousin michelle…happy birthday!*

**********we cannot forget daviddddddddddddd…..i love you soooooo much cousin!!!!!!!!!! thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**********


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    Thank you so much! This was so beautiful :) Love you BBF!!!


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