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Posted on January 3, 2014 in All

mama makes it happen…heymamapicsoooooo it’s new year’s eve and the hubby has to work so i’m at my parents house getting maddi ready to go to church service and i left her cream headband at our house oh nooooo what to do, right? i see a pair of her cream shoes she’s never worn and probably wont ever wear because one she has other pairs and two she will probably out grow them before she needed to wear them. anywho, so she’s bathed, clothed and ready to go however, her cute afro-puffs look so bare. i think to myself what am i going to do? sooooo i take some scissors, razor scissors is what they have printed on the side of them lol, and i cut the shoes circling the bow until it falls off. i grab a bobby pin and slide it thru the bottom of the bow. i politely clip them on maddi’s cute little ponytails and we are off to new year’s eve service woohoo go mommy! lol before we go i post a pic on the social sites calling myself ghetto, however everyone thought it was super cool and creative. although i teased myself saying it was ghetto i honestly felt like supermom. i thought that was very creative, resourceful and i was improvising especially to be so last minute. this literally happened in about 7 minutes honest. this small little situation made me start thinking. i realized this was another situation where i would do almost anything for my daughter. i will make a way out of no way for her, no matter how big or small. this simple thing made me think about how god feels about us. about how he has done and will do anything for us. he comes in right on time to prepare you for any and everything that you may face in life.  he does it on his timing and doesn’t miss a beat; it just comes natural, to him. i think that’s so powerful! i am encouraging you if you are going thru a storm in your life, to stay encouraged. you aren’t alone he is always with you and he will make (what seems to you) a way out of no way. but just know it is all in his plan. jeremiah 29.

father makes it happen =) i encourage you to take this time to just reflect and think about the countless times god has came into your life and showed up and showed out when you least expected him to with things or people you never thought he would use.. for that just give thanks! he’s worthy! i know making a bow for my baby’s hair is not a huge deal lol but i thought it was cute and it was a situation that had me think of our lord and savior so for that alone i thought i should share*.


xoxoxo yours truly,

thee’ one and only chonita nicole

*in no way shape or form i am comparing myself to the king of kings, this situation was just used as an analogy. 😉


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    Yay for Supermom! Great idea and Maddi looked so cute. Welcome to the DIY family :)

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