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Posted on November 26, 2013 in All

Happy Hellos Fellow Dreamers =)

I read something today that truly touched me. I can honestly say it changed my life! It was written by David Cain in an article off raptitude.com “9 mind-bending epiphanies that turned my world upside-down’’ it was number 2 and it stated:

“Life unfolds only in moments.

Of course! I once called this the most important thing i ever learned. nobody has ever experienced anything that wasn’t part of a single moment unfolding. that means life’s only challenge is dealing with the single moment you are having right now. before i recognized this, i was constantly trying to solve my entire life — battling problems that weren’t actually happening. anyone can summon the resolve to deal with a single, present moment, as long as they are truly aware that it’s their only point of contact with life, and therefore there is nothing else one can do that can possibly be useful. nobody can deal with the past or future, because, both only exist as thoughts, in the present. but we can kill ourselves trying.”

I was so fascinated by it, it seems so simple yet it’s so complex. I thought long and hard how I never thought about it that way and how one simple phrase was so powerful and life changing.  I have always been labeled a “worrier” a “worry wart” every since I was a small child I worried and had anxiety over things it was just in my make-up. as I’m getting older I’m praying against that and I’m declaring I am free from “worry”. However in the meantime this quote, this phrase, this life-changing saying is right on time. It truly amazes me how god is always on time and always shows up just when you need him! I think that is one of the most amazing things about God he is always faithful!

How many times have you personally caught yourself worrying about the past and your future? I believe most humans probably spend most of their day worrying about something that is not in the present moment. About bills that will be due, what they are going to eat later, picking up the kids, what they will get from the grocery store. All of these things are valid thoughts and we have to think them but these thoughts are robbing us of the now, the present, and the moment. so many times we miss things or see things in hindsight that if we just stopped and would bask in the moment we wouldn’t have to think about what we should have said or done. now this doesn’t mean you are relinquished from your responsibilities. It just means sometimes stop and smell the roses, relax a little, enjoy the now. Life is but a vapor! Time waits for no one! Enjoy the moments!

I’m not sure about you but for me from this day forward I am going to enjoy the moments as they unfold one by one. I think if we all did this we would live better lives!


Xoxoxo Yours Truly,

Thee’ One and Only Chonita Nicole =)

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  1. Debra /

    The last two sentences of the first paragraph was like WOW! for me, right on time. Simple fact yet so thought provoking. I really needed that and now I see that events had unfolded to bring me here to this moment. Love your page and hope to use your professional services someday.

    • Chonita Nicole /

      Thank you SO much for the kind words! I truly appreciate them! And yes this was LIFE-CHANGING for me! I look at life totally different now! I’m so happy it blessed someone else like it did myself that’s exactly why I felt led to share it! And I would love for you to use my services one day! :-)

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