*~*Open Letter To My Maddi Rose*~*
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Happy Birthday!!!
An Open Letter To My One and Only*Madison Rose*
WOW! Maddi you are three years old I cannot believe how fast time flies. I literally remember the day I found out I was pregnant with you, Mommy and Daddy were so happy! From the first thought of you.–you were LOVED and everyone awaited your arrival.
I want to start off by apologizing… I’m so sorry Mommy and Daddy divorced BUT I need you to know we both love you with every fiber of our being and we were together to make you! YOU WERE THE REASON! You were made with pure LOVE and that was the best decision I have ever done in my life, aside from accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior! (I’m sure your dad feels the same way!) You have two loving AWESOME parents who are a Team–TEAM MADDI who work together to make sure you don’t want or need anything–and that my love is a blessing! I’m sorry for the teenage days when I won’t understand you and you feel like I just don’t get it! I’m sorry for the days I’m busy and you want to do something that we can’t do at the time. I’m sorry for the days I just don’t know what to do and make mistakes. I’m sorry for when I get mad and/or frustrated with you—Mommy is only human. I’m sorry for when I punish you, you have to know I do it in love and because I need you to know right from wrong. I’m sorry for all of my flaws and shortcomings, please know Mommy is trying her hardest!
I want to THANK YOU! Thank you for showing me what REAL LOVE is! Thank you for teaching me to be selfless, because Mommy was one selfish lady, prior to you. For showing me how to be an adult and put MY issues aside and allow you to have the BEST relationship with your father! For teaching me I need to be more patient and to enjoy all the small things! Thank you for being the spunky, strong willed, driven, intelligent little girl you are, you teach me things EVERY SINGLE DAY. Thank you for loving me in all my flaws, when I look in your eyes ALL I FEEL IS LOVE! Mommy is a cry baby so I’m crying right now LOL Thank you for the laughs—you keep me laughing! Thank you for teaching me that I have to take care of myself more mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually because Mommy has to be whole to take care of you! Thank you for always watching me and mimicking me so I make sure I make better decisions because you are always watching! Thank you for making me be a better person, people always tell me “I know you” and I laugh while thinking no you KNEW me, because they have no idea who I am now—NOW that I have YOU! You truly made me want the absolute best for myself so I can SHOW you that you DESERVE the absolute best! Thank you for making me a woman, and promoting me to Queen, because you are The Princess! Thank you for being you, you are absolutely PERFECT! THANK YOU LORD FOR BLESSING ME WITH YOUR PRINCESS-MADISON!
I want you to ALWAYS Keep GOD First! Always! To know that I love you with all my heart and soul and I will ALWAYS be here for you as long as God allows breathe in my body! To know every decision I make I make for you and me! To love yourself–no like really LOVE yourself! That sets the bar for everything in your life, every decision you make. Challenge yourself, never doubt yourself and always try your hardest. Have FAITH in God and in yourself that you can do all things because God is in you! To cry when you want don’t bottle that stuff in. To ask me questions, to challenge me when I am wrong—respectfully lol but I’m not always right and you may be, so stand firm in what you believe! To always tell the truth, honesty is the best policy! DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!! Be true to yourself and listen to your gut—it’s usually always right! Don’t fall for peer pressure; don’t believe the hype lol Enjoy the moments, life goes by fast…take time to smell the roses and enjoy the moment that you’re in! When you feel like it SING…DANCE… AND LAUGH! Do what makes you happy—without purposely hurting other people. Know that what you reap what you sow—so make sure you are sending good vibes and doing good by people. Help people when you can—we are all connected! When you’re faced with doing the right thing OR the wrong thing… PLEASE do the right thing—you’ll sleep easier at night. Everything you do-give it your all-do your best! I’ll eventually write you a book I will add more in the book lol. For now though JUST BE YOU BOO! Follow your heart! Follow your Dreams! Know that you can REALLY DO ANYTHING YOU WANT in life– THIS IS YOUR LIFE—YOUR RULES! And I’m your biggest cheerleader! Madison Rose Wilson just continue being YOU… You are Royalty! You are more than ENOUGH! You are LOVED! You are SPECIAL! You are BEAUTIFUL! You are INTELLIGENT! You are My Mini-me, My Princess, My best friend, My love… My Baby Girl, My Dream Girl, My Little Miss Personality, My HEART outside my body! YOU ARE GOD’S BEST!
I love you and happiest of birthdays and many many more!
I can’t wait until you can read this and understand it! Now Go Shawty it’s ya birf day we gone party like it’s ya birf day LOL Ayeeeeee!!! *insert us dancing* LMBO
Xoxoxo Your Best Friend Mommy


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  1. Andrea Blevins /

    This is soooooo sweeeetttt!!! You’re the best Mommy EVER!!!

    • Chonita Nicole /

      Awwwww thanks so much!!! I truly try my hardest!!!!! :-)

  2. Sophia /

    This is sooo beautiful boo!! She will cherish this forever ??

    • Chonita Nicole /

      Awwwww Thanks so much Phia!!!!! :-)

  3. Sonya /

    BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday Rose Bud. ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Birthday Twin /

    Every child should be as loved as Maddi! Awesome!!

    • Chonita Nicole /

      Awwwww thank you! Yes every child deserves that love!

  5. Yaya /

    First let me say Madison is sooo cute. And your letter is the sweetest thing ever. Make sure you save a copy for her to read during those tough teenage years when she feels like you just don’t understand her

    • Chonita Nicole /

      Awwww thank you so much! Thanks for taking time to read my blog! And yes I definitely will!

  6. Michelle /

    So beautiful! I wish my mom would have wrote me a letter like that. Maddikakes is blessed to have a mommy like you! Xoxo to you both. P.S. This really touched my heart and I am glad one day Maddikakes will get to read this!!!

    • Chonita Nicole /

      Awwwww thanks soooo much I wish my mom would have too LOL…I can’t wait until she can read and fully understand it, I pray it means a lot to her as much as it meant for me to write it! ☺️

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