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Posted on October 20, 2014 in Motivational Monday

Heyyyyy Dreamers,

This past weekend I was shopping for my Princess, Madison Rose, and I just stopped and thought about how grateful I was that I was able to provide all of her necessities. No I wasn’t balling or splurging because honestly, I have to be on a very strict budget at this time in my life BUT all of our necessities are met, plus extras and we are GRATEFUL! In my mind Hezekiah Walker “Grateful” started playing and I almost burst into tears in the middle of the store. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for God ALWAYS making a way even when I didn’t know how things were going to get done. I a beyond grateful for GOD, and my Savior Jesus Christ; all He has done and doing in my life!

As I walked out to my van that I purchased-no it’s not fancy or even new-but it’s MINE I was so grateful! As I stated as I WALKED…many people don’t have the activity of their limbs. Just think on that for one second…There are so many “small things” to us that are huge things to others, who aren’t as fortunate, that we take for granted daily. I just want to humbly say how grateful I am for EVERYTHING! I’m grateful for a sound mind, my good health, the activity of my limbs, my daughter, my family—perfect we are not but they are MY family we don’t always see eye to eye, even argue sometimes but in the end I know they LOVE Madison and I & we LOVE them just the same. I honestly know I have the BEST Family EVER! My very few friends…man… how I appreciate them and all that they do. I am grateful for having a roof over my head, a part-time job (praying for a full-time position soon), all of my basic necessities met, plus some extras. I am grateful that I am courageous and brave enough to follow my dreams and know that God wouldn’t have given me this vision if it’s not going to come into fruition. I could go on and on but the post wouldn’t end…LOL I just want you to sit back and think about all the things you are grateful for on this wonderful Monday. Instead of dreading Monday and being cranky with a case of the “Monday Blues”, let’s be grateful that we made it to see another Monday!

Listen to Hezekiah Walker’s “Grateful” Such a beautiful song!


So Dreamers, What are you GRATEFUL for? Please comment & Share!

Xoxoxo Yours Truly,

Thee’ One & Only,

Chonita Nicole

Sending Peace, Love, & Positivity Your Way!

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  1. Cupkake In Pumps /

    I use to hate Mondays… but now its just another day I get to live my dream and spend time with my loved ones. I am grateful for my family and friends that I have. Sometimes I just sit in my kitchen and look at my fridge and I smile because I am so grateful we have it and were able to buy it on our own. It may sound silly to others but when you start from the bottom and you are able to afford nice things, it makes you feel grateful for everything in your life. XOXO Cupkake In Pumps

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