*~*Queen Dreamer Interview w/ Ashley Anderson*~*
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Queen Dreamer

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A woman who knows who she is has morals and values, works hard in every aspect of her life.

A woman who loves passionately, openly, and wholeheartedly, because she knows love is the most powerful force in the world.

A woman who embraces the true essence of her being…her truth… her greatness… her flaws. She is free…she is bold…she is unapologetically herself. She knows she’s royalty and acts as such!

She acknowledges, respects, and empowers other Queens. She knows anything is possible, as long as, she believes in herself and trusts her royal journey that she has all the power within her to manifest the life she deserves.

She understands that to fully live one must be grateful for everything! Every life lesson, the good and the bad, because everything she’s been through perfectly molded her into the woman she is today.

She knows you must live with a purpose and she has the courage and strength that no matter what life brings her way she will always follow her dreams!qd


Yours Truly Thee’ One and Only,

Chonita Nicole

Daughter of The King, Mother to Maddi, Queen Dreamer, Queenpreneuer, Believer, Daughter, Sister, Friend

Let’s Chat w/Ashley


  1. What is your profession? Artist/Calligrapher
  2. What does a typical day in your life consist of? On a weekday, the day job from 6-3, relaxing for a bit then working on Marlee Ash for the rest of the evening. Don’t tell anyone but from 6-3 I try to stay as active as possible on social media to keep some sort of presence and interaction going. Also, keeping track of orders (I’m so forgetful) and doing my best to meet deadlines. On weekends it’s more social media and painting!
  3. How did you become an entrepreneur? I’ve worked desk jobs for almost a decade and I realized that it was pretty unfulfilling for me. I wanted something more and I wanted to have fun with my career and sitting at a desk wasn’t it. I was also tired of taking so many hours of my day and using it to keep someone else’s dream alive. What about my talents and my dreams? That’s how Marlee Ash cam to be.
  4. Why do you work in that line of business, what made you decide that’s what you wanted to do? When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up as a youngster, I always replied “An art teacher or a lawyer!” I’m not sure where a lawyer came from but as far as art goes I would draw pretty much anything as a kid. I would also ignore my lessons in class and write the alphabet over and over again. It came natural. When I picked up art again a little over a year ago I dabbled in abstract and realized I really enjoyed uplifting quotes and phrases, so I combined the two and voila!
  5. What do you enjoy most about what you do? The creative process. Having an idea in my head and holding it in my hand as a finished product is so fulfilling.
  6. What do you least enjoy? How much my day job takes away from Marlee Ash. Also keeping up with deadlines. Things can go wrong such as difficulty getting the words down as perfectly as possible or varnish not drying correctly and this pushes that deadline back.
  7. If you would give a young Queen Dreamer or King Dreamer any 3 pieces of advice what would you give them? Don’t waste your time worrying about those who aren’t supporting you. They may not like what you have to offer or it may be jealousy, but who cares? It’s totally fine! Focus on those who do support you and more supportive people will come. 2. It’s okay to screw up, it happens. 3. Do it scared.
  8. What’s some advice you wish someone had given you prior to starting your business? The advice that I needed was more so technique based. What paint to use, things like that.
  9. How do you market your company? My personal Facebook page and Instagram.
  10. Do you have a mentor or someone you go to for advice? If so who and how have they assisted you thus far? I do not. I’m not against it but I’ve been following different blogs here and there so far.
  11. Do you have a company website, any social media, how can someone get in contact with you? I’m working on my website now! Follow me on Instagram @marleeashfineart.
  12. What was one of the hardest decisions you had to make in regards to your business? Deciding to redo and entire piece. I’m talking a 20×30 piece with a bible verse on it. It was all done after taking forever to finish (personal changes and moving across the country back home) I went to varnish and it was a blotchy mess. Lesson learned. I tried to cover the blotchy areas but I had to admit that it was lost cause and sanding down and starting over was my best bet.
  13. Just for fun, what’s the strangest thing that has happened to you running your business? People not understanding how this art thing works. Asking for landscapes and drawings of animals. Things that are not featured on my Instagram or Facebook at all. Each artist has their specialty and I stay within that range.
  14. When people think about you and your company what would you like for them to think; what do you want your Legacy to be? When people think of Marlee Ash I want them to know that I did my best and put a lot of work into it. It may look like a simple piece of artwork but it takes time. This is a handmade business. This isn’t done on a computer where I make the perfect measurements and everything is flawless. With a handmade product you will get “flaws” and that’s the beauty of a handmade product.
  15. What’s your ultimate goal for your brand? To be featured on stationary, greeting cards, housewares and office decor around the world.
  16. I’m sure you have read my definition of a Queen Dreamer what do you think of when you hear *Queen Dreamer*? A Queen Dreamer is a doer. She’s gotten beyond the point of this just being an idea in her head but she’s taken the steps to make it a reality. Whether she’s super confident about it or scared out of her mind she’s making it happen.






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