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Posted on August 27, 2018 in Dreamy Mamas

Heyyyyy Dreamy Mamas,

So where to begin! How about at the beginning! I’m always asked why did I start Dreamy Mamas?!? Where did the idea come from? It’s crazy because everything is connected. I started my Do Dream On LLC officially in 2013, however, I first started Dream On LLC back in maybe 2008 and I didn’t know I could get the name back so I added Do Dream On LOL So silly right! But I thought the action verb DO was really powerful. Anywho, fast forward to 2013 when I had my beautiful daughter, Madison Rose, I started photography and blogging-again. Fast forward a little more I got divorced and now I’m a “single mom”, I have it in quotations because some people would challenge that. However, I refer to myself as being a single mom even though Madison has an active father in her life, he lives out of state.



I created this community of women, mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends after being kicked out of another mothers group, my ASSumption is because we worked for the same direct sales company and they removed everyone who wasn’t in their direct “line” from the group. Nothing personal-it was business so I understood. I said well-heck I know some BOMB Mothers and I’ll start our own group where we can laugh, cry, ask for advice, get tips and tricks and share this motherhood journey TOGETHER! A couple hundred Mother’s later—560 to be exact–we are HERE! And I’m so excited!
Where’d the name come from?
Well in my “Do Dream On Dreamland” I like keeping the theme Dream where it fits and I am a Dreamy Mama and I know some Dreamy Mamas! So it can be defined a few ways. We are dreamy as far as how we look, and/or we are Mamas who still follow our dreams with our children on our hips, cereal in our hair and puke on our clothes! Our children give us the motivation and fuel to make sure we are living our best lives, following our dreams because by doing so we are giving them permission to follow their dreams as well!


I think it’s mandatory, a necessity that, we as women, stay true to ourselves and “find ourselves” occasionally. I say that because in this role called mother we can easily lose ourselves to people, circumstances, to life in general and our children deserve better! They never asked to be here, so it’s our responsibility to make sure we provide them with the best life within our means and abilities.

So as our IG bio says, “We are a digital café for motherly love, inspiration, and advice” we take it a little further and get out in the community as well as try to have Mom to Mom Sales, Mom nights out and play dates with the kiddies. I have SO many things I want to add and discuss with the Dreamy Mamas when we have our “Just a Brunch of Dreamers” brunch on the first day of school 9/4/18. I’m going to suggest a photo shoot, cookbook where we share recipes, a homework night and a few more other things floating around this brain of mine!

So if you too are a Dreamy Mama and/or know some Dreamy Mamas join us on this journey of motherhood and life together! This is only the beginning!



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