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Heyyyyy Dreamers,

Yes it’s ME, I’m BACK! Whew Goodness it’s SOOOOO much going on in my life right now I do apologize for taking a break, but TRUST ME, it was well needed. I will explain why I took that break in a later post once I feel comfortable sharing. Anywho, it’s Monday and a dreary day in the Metro-Detroit area so I’m going to send a little sunshine YOUR WAY! Last night I was up late with my daughter Madison for some reason she couldn’t sleep so I decided to do some work, I initially started Youtubing and researching for a future blog I’m going to write, but then I stumbled across an interview of The Smith family (Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith) on Oprah and if anyone knows me you know I LOVE The Smith family—at least what I know of them (their personal business is just that THEIR BUSINESS…lol) anyway I was so inspired with a comment Will said I decided to share and I found a collaboration of some of his motivational interviews in regards to Greatness & Talent vs. skill. I will share both videos and you can watch at your leisure. The Oprah interview is longer but the Greatness video is less than 5 minutes.

The quote that spoke to me was “Greatness lives on the edge of destruction…The reason that someone is great is because they survived death…that’s what made you great!”-Will Smith

My personal interpretation was that you survived what was suppose to destroy you! And you know the saying what doesn’t kill you MAKES YOU STRONGER! This spoke volumes to me because the situation that I am going through is actually considered to some as a death, and causes a lot of grief. YET, I’m STILL HERE! ALIVE! BETTER! STRONGER than ever! Despite my circumstances! People may not understand whatever battle that you personally are going through but that’s ok it’s not their battle to understand. You just have to know that greatness is destined IF you allow it to be. So whatever you are currently going through FIGHT, HOLD ON, KEEP GOING, PUSH THROUGH YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES, God wouldn’t allow you to go through anything He knew you couldn’t handle. In the midst of your storm look at the beauty of the situation, see what you can learn for the situation and make yourself better. TRUST ME it’s easier said than done BUT I’m STILL IN MY STORM so I KNOW how rough things can get. BUT YOU ARE STILL ALIVE…so that means you can STILL FIGHT! I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt I’m destined for GREATNESS…I’m on my EDGE right now… BUT I am a SURVIVOR… So who’s with me? WHERE MY GREAT DREAMERS AT?

Here are the links to the videos

Will Smith Greatness & Talent vs. skill


The Smiths on Oprah


Dreamers I hope you have a wonderful Monday and week. And remember NEVER STOP DREAMING!

Xoxoxo Yours Truly,

Thee’ One & Only,

Chonita Nicole

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  1. LaShawn /

    Powerful! Thank you!

    • Chonita Nicole /

      Thanks SO much for taking the time out and reading! =) We appreciate you!

  2. Sonya /

    Good job Ni Ni, so very proud of you! You are better, wiser and stronger. Keep it up Queen!!! And yes, you are destined for greatness I know that without a shadow of a doubt!

    • Chonita Nicole /

      Awwwwww thanks mom, thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate you!

  3. Cupkake In Pumps /

    Yayyyyy motivatonal Mondays are back. What a great and you are right about the Smith family does is there buisness. Will isnt trying to be the spokesperson on the perfect family͵ he is just a man that followed his dreams and succed. He took his talent and used it͵ did not let it go waste. Wacthing his interviews do inspire me because he living proof of what he says. Thanks Do Dream On

    • Chonita Nicole /

      I LOVE 1st your support and this comment yes I love the rawness and realness of them. They are just living their dreams, I’m just grateful that they shared! Thanks again for reading we appreciate you!

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