*~*Back Down Dreamy Lane: Martin & Living Single Edition*~*
Posted on August 17, 2017 in All

Heyyyyy Dreamers,

It has been a LONG time! I know…I know…BUT I’m BACK & I’m BETTER…lol

So with Martin bringing out his own Emoji’s -MartinMoji’s (Yes I purchased them the very 1st day…LOL) I thought it would be fitting to Shout Out: Martin & add a splash of Living Single in this weeks Back Down Dreamy Lane! Remember when FOX was LIT & Thursday nights were POPPING! Sigh “The Good Old Days!” Then Living Single came out the following year (1993) and added the cherry on top to our Thursday night entertainment. Both shows were AMAZING! I can watch re-runs of these two shows for hours and Martin is SO one of MY FAVS! I even went to one of his comedy shows and screamed “I LOVE YOU” & he yelled, “I LOVE YOU TOO GIRL!” I almost passed out especially when another girl said it right after me and he went OFF on her…LOL I couldn’t take it if he played me LOL hahahaha Anywho, Check out the Promo Video from back in the day:

RIP Tommy Ford–My heart is broken… I LOVE YOU DAWGGGG!

Well, I truly hope you enjoyed your time “Back Down Dreamy Lane” with Me! See you all next week for more Nostalgic Dreams with ya girl! ALSO, PLEASE COMMENT & SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS! Thanks in advance!

Xoxoxo Yours Truly,

Thee’ One & Only

Chonita Nicole


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