*~*Madison & I Advocators for Early Childhood Literacy Interviews*~*
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Heyyyyyyy Dreamers,

Madison and I are advocators for Early Childhood Literacy and we wanted to share some of our interviews with you all.


This morning Madison woke up and the first thing she did was grab a book to read. All I could do was look and smile at her! When I had Madison The United Way for Southeastern Michigan came in our hospital room, introduced and enrolled Madison in an Early Literacy Program called Little Steps, YES she was 3 days old and enrolled in a reading program! Being an avid reader myself every since I found out I was pregnant I would read to Madison in the womb. However, this program agreed to send Madison a free book in the mail for the first 5 years of her life! WHAT? WOW! Yes sign us up! (The program has since made several changes on the years for the books). DeShawn & I had to make a vow to read to Madison 15 minutes a day & it was on and popping! DeShawn & I took our pledge and vow to our daughter serious. At anytime of the day you can see us reading to her. Madison isn’t a toddler who will watch TV or watch movies she would rather read, write in her notebook or play. I adore her strong will and uniqueness in her character already. Although I would love to take full credit for this, honestly I can’t ; neither can DeShawn LOL… My parents and brothers as well as her bff/cousin Aaryn also reads with her! However, The United Ways program Little Steps Program also played a huge role in this, I’ve received literature, taken parenting classes and volunteer for the program which provides me with so much insight and knowledge on early childhood literacy and parenting. I am forever grateful for Allyson Jones who has helped my family tremendously and nurtured our relationship with The United Way. Lastly and more importantly I want to thank, give praise and credit to GOD! For He is the one that blessed our family with our Miracle Baby Madison and equipped her with all of her talents and gifts! Our children our our future and I take this MOTHERHOOD Blessing extremely serious! So if you have a child, of any age I’m advising you to take a minimum of 15 minutes a day and read with your little one. You can do this at bath time, when they wake up, bedtime, when they get home from school or daycare, before dinner, after dinner, whenever you feel the urge! However, please incorporate this into your daily activities. Statistics have shown that reading a minimum of 15 minutes a day helps brain and language development especially in children 0-5 years old. Those are some of the most critical language and brain development ages for a child. Parents you are your child’s first teacher, it’s up to you to educate, mold, and develop this important human being! Being a parent isn’t something that should be taken lightly. If you are interested in getting more information about Little Steps, The United Way and/or those parenting classes you can go to the website, call 2-1-1 or contact me directly! Below you will find two videos Madison & I were featured in with The United Way! Enjoy! And remember everyone wants to change the world, well that first starts at home! to READ TO YOUR BABIES!

Here is the first video we had which was featured on WDIV  Ch 4

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Here is the most recent interview

I hope you all enjoyed it, this is just the beginning for us and our fight for Early Childhood Literacy especially in low income and poverty striken communities!


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  1. Sonya /

    Awwwww Chonita, I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Keep reading to my Rose Bud because I can see that is truly makes a big difference. Kudos to you and United Way.

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