*~*The Diary of THIS Single Mama: The Misunderstood Single Mom *~*
Posted on May 7, 2017 in Dreamy Mamas
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The Misunderstood Single Mom

 So many times I think being a Single Moms is totally misunderstood. It’s like we have our own little language and code that people just don’t understand. I don’t write this for the proverbial “pity-party” I actually despise that, however, I write this because I have to get it off of my chest and if you are a fellow single mom you may understand.

I’ve been told and even caught myself saying a few times “I don’t have anyone to help me”, and I wanted to shed a little light on that phrase. I first want to apologize if any of the WONDERFUL VILLAGE I have felt offended or upset, because as I ALWAYS SAY… THANK YOU for EVERYTHING YOU DO for Madison and I. It’s NEVER meant to offend or make anyone feel bad I may have just been venting OR talking, saying MY TRUTH. It wasn’t to downplay any role you may have in HELPING US on this journey called life, because honestly, I couldn’t do a lot of things if I didn’t have your help!!! I will try to use my words carefully. Because, when I say that I don’t literally mean I don’t have anyone to help me BUT I say it because I don’t have a significant other to help me. I was married raising two children-my daughter and my step-daughter both were under two, so I know how it is to raise children and have a partner to help. FLAT OUT it’s EASIER I don’t care what you say it is LOL. Unless the other parent is just a horrible parent that causes more issues than not it is! The Bible even says two are better than one. It is just a FACT!

Having someone to share sick days with, pick-ups from school and/or daycare. Watch the child if you have a headache OR heck have to use the bathroom is a complete difference than having to ask a family member or friend to help you if you need a sitter or if you have to run to the store. Finding where your child(ren) will go if there is a half day or school is closed, or the child is sick and every single time YOU have to call off work. These are issues that single moms go through and they don’t have someone who can assist that is FULLY RESPONSIBLE to pick up the slack. People can help and it is greatly appreciated BUT honestly, the only TWO people responsible for a child is that child’s PARENTS! POINT. BLANK. PERIOD! Anyone who helps is an Angel and appreciated BUT it’s not their responsibility nor obligation.

I am BLESSED to be a single mom that the father of my daughter/ex-husband is alive and he is a good father, however, he moved out of state, therefore, rendering me the responsibility to raise our daughter as a single parent (Google the definition of a single parent). He visits once a month for a few days and is present in her life, however, the day to day tasks, the financial responsibility and everything in between is up to MAMA! SO people may say Chonita you aren’t a single mom, and I’ll respond “YES THE HELL I AM!” LOL

I may not be a single mom because my child’s father is deceased or a deadbeat or completely absentee but I am a single mother BY MY DEFINITION and since this is MY LIFE, I play by MY RULES. Sorry I just had to say that, because previously people have made those comments and THIS HERE IS MY SET! Lol, The life and times of Chonita Nicole. *InnocentSmile =)

People have all kinds of thoughts and opinions on YOUR LIFE and that’s cool everyone has an opinion ya’ know just like everyone has a bottom (to say it nicely).

One more time this is MY STORY it may be different than yours, ACTUALLY, I’m SURE IT IS DIFFERENT FROM YOURS. I KNOW there are A LOT of single moms and single dads who have a WAY HARDER JOURNEY than mine BUT this is just MY STORY one of millions…

I just want to say to YOU:

You Single Mama…


You’re STRONG!


You’re a GREAT MOM!

You’re ENOUGH!

God has your back and He is with you and your child(ren)!

Now let’s straighten our crowns and take care of our baby/babies!


Are there any single moms out there that are misunderstood or sometimes feel misunderstood? If so share a situation where you felt misunderstood!






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