*~*Happy New Year 2015*~*
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Happy New Year from Do Dream On

 2014 was a wonderful year despite the hardships;  although they could have destroyed me they made me so much stronger and better!  There were points where I thought I couldn’t make it BUT I had to because of Madison! I now look back and thank God for allowing me to see and understand why I went thru some of those things, I don’t know everything but there are some awesome things God has revealed. I just know that this year is OUR YEAR! You just have to BELIEVE! You have so much power in your thoughts, your words and once you realize this your entire world will change. Now you don’t necessarily have to do this at the beginning of the year, you can do this any day, but we are here at the beginning of the year so what better time than NOW… Let’s do it! Let’s make some goals—write it down, work really hard, stay positive everyday despite the hiccups in the road and encourage each other! I want to Thank 2014 for the lessons and challenges because they taught me soooo much about Chonita and now I can be that much more of a better person for Madison, the rest of my family and myself. I also want to thank my support system no need for names you know who you are and I appreciate and love you all from the depths of my soul THANK YOU Maddi and I love you and are soooo grateful! Everything is about perspective I could have let the bad times bring me down but I didn’t, and you guys helped, prayed for us, encouraged us, helped us in any way you all could THANK YOU! I’m a survivor, a conqueror and an overcomer in Jesus! I’m feeling more optimistic than ever and I’m ready for all the wonderful things God has in store for Madison, My family, friends, Do Dream On and I. Stay tuned to Do Dream On we have some amazing things in store for you all, I’m so excited and working extremely hard behind the scenes! So I challenge all of you Dreamers out there to try to stay positive this year and every year thereafter, even when things get rough, make a conscience decision to focus on the positive and watch how you attract more positivity. The Bible says, “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he…” Think positivity, eat positivity, believe positivity and speak positivity and your life will become overwhelmingly positive! =) SO I say from my family to yours “Happy New Year!” God Bless you and let’s change our lives and in turn change the world! I believe in you!

P.S. Merry CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!






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