What Will Your DASH Say About YOU?
Posted on January 29, 2014 in Wondrous Wednesday

a few years ago, i went to my 23 year old cousins funeral who passed from a rare case of cancer, and the pastor asked “what will the dash on your tombstone say about your life when you die?” now i’ve heard that question before, but for some reason it truly stuck with me. possibly because my cousin was so young or at that time i had just recently went to the hospital, i’m not really sure. either way it really struck a cord and i continued asking myself what will my dash say about me? everyone wants to leave a mark on this earth we live in. i definitely want to leave my fingerprint!

not on the world per say, but at least one person! i’m a very compassionate person and i want to help anyone i can. i’m in the process of finding my true niche, perfecting it in my own special way and sharing with those god believes i should share it with! i truly believe everyone here on earth has a god-given purpose and we are assigned to find our purpose and to use our talents for our purpose!

that’s why i encourage each and everyone of you to follow your dreams! following your dreams isn’t a selfish act your dream may one day cure cancer, end world hunger, end war you never know! so everyday when you wake up and after you say your prayers ask yourself these questions:

what am i going to do to follow my dreams today?

how can i make myself better today?


what are my plans today that will help make this world a better place?

and i close by asking you:

what will your dash say about you?

xoxoxo yours truly,

thee’ one and only chonita nicole

sending love, peace and positivity your way!

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  1. Sonya Clayton /

    Wow, something to think about! I love this and its something to think about!

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