*~* Back Down Dreamy Lane: Old School McDonald’s Vs. Burger King*~*
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Heyyyyyyy Dreamers!

Do you guys remember when the main fast food restaurants, McDonald’s & Burger King and they were good?

I’m not sure if this was only our family but when it was time to get some fast food our family used to argue over McDonald’s or Burger King it went down LOL… Oh man those were the days!

Remember when McDonald’s looked like this?

mcd-sign2 dbf5406b237d9465d2f69efffcd99221


Oh my goodness I used to LOVE to go and play in the playscape.

All of the food was in these containers:


Oh and their breakfast used to be EVERYTHING!

What about Ronald McDonald? We loved him right and his crew LOL

ronaldmcdonald80s ec42ed00b3e73485c77571606e23776d


They used to have the best Happy Meal and toys!

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Then we had Burger King…I personally liked McDonald’s over Burger King they were just boring to me

burger-king-logo-1969-1994 BurgerKing01bk-chicken-tenders

I did prefer Burger King’s Chicken Tenders over McDonald’s!

Remember BK’s cups they sold? They were pretty cool we used to collect them.

Marvel glasses

The Crown was also pretty cool.



Ohhhh but do you remember when they linked up with Play-Doh and came out with this?

images (3)04a87fb25c9a5e1e2bb77538e8c20d55


McDonald’s partnered with Fisher Price and came out with this around the same time.


These were SO COOL!

McDonald’s and Burger King weren’t playing!

But the ultimate FIGHT between McDonald’s and Burger King was the Big Mac vs. The Whopper

The Big Mac

x4g6az0rk8ef3j mcdonalds-big-mac-bumper-sticker-1970s mAQTZxXq8SDk4duucDU5UUw Big-Mac-Styrofoam


The Whopper

hqdefault burgerkingsecretmenumustardwhopper burger king_whopper sign

Also, McDonald’s Fries KILLED Burger King’s …Their fries used to be SOOOOO GOOD! 


Which burger is (or was) your favorite? Which fry?

Back in the day I would pick the Big Mac & Mikey D’s fry EVERY TIME…Today I wouldn’t eat either! I don’t like eating fast food it is not the same anymore! YUCK!

Which restaurant is (our was) your favorite?

What’s your favorite McDonald’s or Burger King memory?

Well that concludes this week’s “Back Down Dreamy Lane” time travel.

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Xoxoxo Yours Truly,

Thee’ One & Only,

Chonita Nicole

Sending Peace, Love & Positivity Your way!

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  1. demond Clayton /

    Very nostalgic article.

    • Chonita Nicole /

      Thanks so much for taking the time out to read and comment I appreciate you!

  2. Cupkake In Pumps /

    Wow you brought me waaaay back! My dad’s business is right across from a McDonald’s and it use to look like the throwback picture above… I would always choose McDonald’s over Burger King. Now I won’t eat either, which is sad but its just not healthy and we don’t really know what they are putting in that food.

    But thanks for this post and bringing back some good memories!

    Cupkake In Pumps


    • Chonita Nicole /

      Awww I’m so happy it took you back down memory lane! Yes those were the good old days! We appreciate you!

  3. David Gramstorff /

    Very interesting information

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