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Posted on January 27, 2014 in Motivational Monday

when you know better you do better! let’s stop playing games with our finances!

now everyone knows in this messed up economy it’s hard to swim above water. but do know that some people are swimming above water. it is not impossible! don’t believe the hype! it all starts with a choice! we decide on what we spend our money on! instead of paying $20 to go to the club, go out to eat, or shop at the mall, that $20 can go toward gas, food or a bill. we have to start being smart and practical with our $. now i know we may see our parents or grandparents struggling but we need to capitalize on there problems and make our own solutions. learn from others mistakes. saving money isn’t that hard when you prioritize and separate your needs vs. wants. we’re thinking about our future here and no one wants to get married and be in debt because of their partner!

now there are all types of small things that you can do to get on the path of being a better steward over your money. first, take it to god pray over all of your bills and your financial situation. if you go to church pay your 10% first. after that, you can set up a direct deposit, like i do, that goes directly into a savings account every check (it can be to another bank or credit union, where you don’t have an atm card if you are tempted to dip in your stash). don’t deposit more than you can afford you may even want to start small, $25, $50, $100, $150 what ever works well for you. look how fast that adds up and you won’t even notice it’s gone. you can also set up automatic payments for certain bills every month, this makes it easier and less stressful to remember what bills to pay and what days, it can save $20, $30 late fee charges, those add up. a friend of mine every time he breaks a bill and has spare change he places it in a tin, you would be surprised how much change you can rack up. also, whenever he breaks a bill he puts the dollars in a shoe box. now that works extremely well for him you may want to start off slow and do one and then gradually get in place a system that works well for you.

some small tips that may also work well for you:

when you go shopping make a list and stick to it!
sell some of you old clothes to plato’s closet, what they don’t want give to the less fortunate
drink more water
cut out on fast food or restaurants and cook
take lunch and only buy lunch on fridays or whatever day you prefer
clean you car filter, hey it can save up to 7% in gas trust lol
fill your gas tank up completely (don’t overflow your gas) also change your spark plugs regularly
buy things on sale, look for deals
when grocery shopping utilize the coupons
go over your cell bill and if you don’t use it drop it
go over you cable bill pick the best plan for you
check with your job for discounts on your phone, car insurance etc
always sign up for reward cards, they help
don’t indulge in emotional shopping (i need help with this one…lol)
always keep an emergency fund, you never know!
start a 401k or ira if you don’t understand go to your employer for help
budget budget budget make a monthly budget of all your bills and even one for extra curricular activities bka fun! :-)

this are just some small tips that can surprisingly help you save a nice amount of $. if need be, you may have to get a part-time job, whatever floats your boat. but you have to get in control, make a plan, set your goals and be disciplined, determined, patient and consistent in order for you to be successful with this. it won’t be easy, nor fun, but it will be worth it in the end. i personally keep a small notebook in my purse and write down everything. from my list of what food, clothes, and bills i have to pay, to things i have to do and little inspirational quotes. writing things down helps me tremendously. also it’s good to set exact timelines of your goals. so when you meet your mark you can feel a sense of accomplishment. set aside rewards for yourself when you meet your goals. self motivation is important. seeing your goals daily may inspire you. so get a dry erase board and/or push pin board, i have both, so you can see you progress, document it! there are many books and classes that can help you and teach you how to save money and become debt free. go to your local library and research. this is your life it’s up to you to make the necessary changes for you to live your best life. it’s best to start now let’s get our lives together! i want to retire early and see the world. so today marks the day of the rest of our lives, let’s make it happen. financial stability is rare nowadays, let’s work on adding another notch on our belt! you talking a hot commidity…lol…”wait ’til i get my moneyyyyy riiiiighttttttt, then you can’t tell me nothing riiiiighttttt!”

if you have any tips, advice or ideas please comment and share! thank you! :-)

xoxoxo yours truly,

thee’ one and only chonita nicole

sending love, peace and positivity your way!

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