*~*Queen Dreamers: LaToya & Christen Devani of Polished Puckers LLC*~*
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A woman who knows who she is has morals and values, works hard in every aspect of her life.
A woman who loves passionately, openly, and wholeheartedly, because she knows love is the most powerful force in the world.
A woman who embraces the true essence of her being…her truth… her greatness… her flaws. She is free…she is bold…she is unapologetically herself. She knows she’s royalty and acts as such!
She acknowledges, respects, and empowers other Queens. She knows anything is possible, as long as, she believes in herself and trusts her royal journey that she has all the power within her to manifest the life she deserves.
She understands that to fully live one must be grateful for everything! Every life lesson, the good and the bad, because everything she’s been through perfectly molded her into the woman she is today.
She knows you must live with a purpose and she has the courage and strength that no matter what life brings her way she will always follow her dreams!

Yours Truly Thee’ One and Only,
Chonita Nicole
Daughter of The King, Mother to Maddi, Queen Dreamer, Queenpreneuer, Believer, Daughter, Sister, Friend

Let’s Chat w/ LaToya Latham


1. What is your profession? Mompreneur/Life Coach
2. What does a typical day in your life consist of? A typical day for me is getting up, thanking God, getting the kids ready for school, checking my planner, emails & social media accounts and completing want tasks set for that day. Working cases or running errands….Certain days of the week, my daughter has extra curricular activities or school meetings etc.
3. How did you become an entrepreneur? Lol well, my Co-Founder/Daughter/Face of the brand, Christen Devani, suffered from chapped lips throughout the year, mainly in the winter & nothing was helping! We’ve tried all sorts of drug store products that served minimum to no purpose. One evening after mixing some natural household products to apply on her lips (which turned out successful), God spoke out to me to start a natural lip balm line for my daughter. Now hearing this man’s voice loud and clear calling me to complete a task that I’ve never even thought of, it was only right to do it!

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4. Why do you work in that line of business, what made you decide that’s what you wanted to do? As I stated in number 3. God put that entrepreneurial idea on my heart for my daughter as well as to help other who may suffer from the same issue or worse. As a life coach, is also my calling. Mentoring & helping those in need. Guess you can say myself as a entrepreneur and life coach both serves the same purpose, and that’s solving problems.
5. What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Latoya:  I enjoy the fact that I’ve accomplished helping another human being. I enjoy knowing that God created me to be a blessing to many people even if it’s from healing dry skin or being an listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, a voice to listen to or a resource of needs. Biggest enjoyment.

Christen Devani: I like my business because I can help other kids with chapped lips like me get rid of it! It’s fun making the lip balm with mommy, choosing different labels, going to different vendor shows and getting money from them (lol), and the most fun part is that my face is all over it!
6. What do you least enjoy? I least enjoy the lack of time and energy for myself. I find myself putting others before me and I have to learn the balance.
7. If you would give a young Queen Dreamer or King Dreamer any 3 pieces of advice what would you give them? My princess aka queen dreamer and my prince aka the king dreamer lol I will and have told them to A. Always let God lead you in the right direction.B. What’s for you nobody can take away!C. Take care of yourself no matter what!
8. What’s some advice you wish someone had given you prior to starting your business? I don’t think I wish anyone would’ve told me anything. I pretty much studied a lot of entrepreneurs and even had some mentor me thru the process.
9. How do you market your company? Social Media, flyers, business cards, many vendor shows as possible….we mostly like to target the crowd by promoting our natural ingredients and what areas they effect.
10. Do you have a mentor or someone you go to for advice? If so who and how have they assisted you thus far? Yes I have 2 mentors my business/beauty market boss mentor is Pixie, the owner of The Ashleigh Nicole Collection. She schooled me a lot on marketing, branding, support etc in our beginning stages. She plugged us to certain areas needed to help grow the company as a whole. My other business mentor will be Tiffany, owner of Dream Team Consulting, LLC and she’s helped us majorly with LLC’ing, financial help, taxes etc. These two women have helped me more than they’ll ever know especially me being new to the “entrepreneur” world, their advice, support, services is always highly appreciated.
11. Do you have a company website, any social media, how can someone get in contact with you? Yes our website will be finished in March so for now we network using Instagram @polishedpuckersllc and our Facebook group page is Polished Puckers by Devani. All orders are submitted via email at polishedpuckersllc@gmail.com
12. What was one of the hardest decisions you had to make in regards to your business? Sacrificing time whether it’s family or social.
13. Just for fun, what’s the strangest thing that has happened to you running your business? For me the strangest thing that’s happened was how many vendor opportunities were offered to us and we just launched in October of 2016. It’s a good strange but in the same sense it’s like wow!
14. When people think about you and your company what would you like for them to think; what do you want your Legacy to be? I would like for them to know instead of think that if you have a dream &/or if God has called you to do an assignment for Him, Do it and complete it! I want my legacy to be an inspiration based on other parents instilling the business mindset into their children; as well as inspiring our community to choose a healthier lifestyle even in the cosmetic world!
15. What’s your ultimate goal for your brand? Our ultimate and main goal for our brand is to sell the problem that our product solves…and not just the product!
16. I’m sure you have read my definition of a Queen Dreamer what do you think of when you hear *Queen Dreamer*? When I hear “Queen Dreamer” I see a Queen who has worked for her throne but in her eyes, there’s more out there for her to succeed. So her dreams allows her to be creative with other successes she’s already accomplished that’ll also help her accomplish more….Boss!




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