*~*Motivational Monday: Break Free*~*
Posted on May 11, 2015 in All

This Monday I want to Motivate someone to Break FREE… Freedom is a beautiful thing and nobody deserves to be held captive. Whether if you’re in a marriage or relationship you shouldn’t or don’t want to be in, work at a job you don’t want to work, have a friendship that’s season is over, live a life you don’t want to live, or you’re captive by your own negative thoughts. Well, today I say BREAK FREE… You can do it get a logical plan in motion and BREAK FREE. For years you’ve been struggling with the thought of breaking free but you didn’t have the faith in God or yourself to do it. I’m telling you if I can do it so can you. You have the POWER to break free and live the life you’ve always wanted. Nothing’s stopping you but yourself. Now mind you I stated get a logical plan in motion. Don’t just quit your job and now your children can’t  eat OR don’t just walk away from a marriage without praying, going to counseling and trying to make it work. Marriage is HARD WORK and it’s supposed to be “til death do you part” so work on it, communicate, pray and seek counsel. However, if you’re in a relationship that’s a different story RUN for the hills lol no I’m kidding–a little. If you think negative all the time and are a “Debbie or Dave Downer” try to change the way you think, hang around more positive people or go to counseling you may need some help and it’s ok to receive help. Don’t believe the hype that if you get counseling you’re “crazy” that’s nonsense. Any-who I woke feeling FREE and thanking God I had the strength and faith in Him to break free from several situations that held me in bondage– one being I job I hated– now I’m at a job I LOVE. It was a process I will discuss at a later date but I’m here now! Well I just wanted to share that with you all this morning, Happy Monday Dreamers have a GREAT WEEK! And start a list of things you are going to BREAK FREE from. Say it with me I’m FREE…FREEDOM!!!






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  1. Sonya /

    Great, I love it! Very inspiring Chonita! This is going to bless somebody! Love you!

  2. Cupkake /

    Another great post!!! “I’m FREE…FREEDOM!!!” XOXO Cupkake

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