*~*Which The Vampire Diaries Character Are You Chonita Nicole & Cupkake? *~*
Posted on September 22, 2014 in Video

Happy Hellos…Dreamers,

Sooooo my BBF was in town! MICHELLE aka Cupkake. If you know me then you know I was SOOOOO HAPPY about that, I simply ADORE HER! See one of my previous blogs about her surprising me at my daughter’s first birthday party, you’ll feel the love LOL. We both have our own websites and we wanted to do a video together while she was in town, because she is rarely here. So we decided to do a video of two of our favorite shows. We both love television and movies, not the garbage but the good shows…LOL We took Zimbio’s quiz for Orange is the New Black and The Vampire Diaries. You have to check out her website Cupkake In Pumps for The Orange is the New Black quiz. However, to watch our video of us taking The Vampire Diary quiz you are in the RIGHT PLACE! Disclaimer: I don’t watch or like ANY Vampire shows or movies (besides The Vampire Diaries, Buffy & Angel and those are old school). I tried to watch Twilight and it SUCKED, well half of the first one at least, I couldn’t even watch the entire movie. (Don’t kill me Twilight fans-just MY opinion LOL) And my undergrad major in college was Electronic Media & Film so I know good movies, I studied them, I’ve always been a movie buff I enjoy all sorts of movies and television shows. Anyway, I just had to make that clear, The Vampire Diaries is much more than killing and blood sucking I couldn’t watch it if that was the entire basis of the show. Well ENJOY the Video!

I hope you enjoyed our silliness as you can see when we are together we have an absolute BLAST!

Shout it out to My Cousin David My BBF’s Hubby who edited the videos he’s too funny for his edits and “Daves Opinion” LOL you ROCK…THANKIES!

If you haven’t watched The Vampire Diaries I suggest you watch it is an awesome show! Have a great day Dreamers and remember Never Stop Dreaming, Do Dream On!

Xoxoxo Yours Truly,

The One and ONLY,

Chonita Nicole


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  2. Cupkake In Pumps /

    Hey BBF,

    It was a blast making videos with you! I will never forget the awesome time we had, and whenever I need a good laugh I can just hit play.


    Cupkake In Pumps

    Cheers to many more videos together :)

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