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Sweet Dream Book Review Cupkake

Heyyyyyyy Dreamers,

So how this #GirlBoss thing started. I have my own business, besides being a mom, I’m a freelance photographer and blogger. I’m also a writer and I could list a few more titles but I won’t bore you with details…lol I have a business partner and consultant who happens to be my bestie, BBF & cousin-in-law. She hosts my website and is the designer any who when I need things updated that are beyond my expertise or help with everything, she’s my go to girl. Her name is Michelle bka Cupkake aka Chelly…so when I would ask her things she started responding “Yes Boss”, “Ok Boss” “You got it Boss” or something similar lol and at first I was like noooooo don’t call me that I’m not your boss lol I didn’t want to be considered “bossy” because usually that’s considered a bad thing, until…

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One day I was on IG and I’m a #hashtag type of girl I always look up hashtags and surf the social sites and I’m not quite sure how I stumbled across the hashtag #GirlBoss I so wish I could remember exactly I’m usually an “exact memory” type of gal but I don’t want to get to fabricating so I won’t LOL. Any who I then clicked the hashtag thinking it was funny since my cousin calls me “Boss”. I read a lot of the comments different people wrote about the book and loved the quotes they were reciting. I then googled and read a few pages of the book online and it was On & Popping! I immediately called my cousin Michelle, we normally text ALL DAY but this deemed a call. I called her told her about it and we decided to read it together. Now we are here. Man I don’t know where to start! I absolutely LOVED the book! I love Sophia’s raw, edgy, authentic approach.  Although overall she and I are nothing alike her raw style was something I can totally relate to. Not being afraid to just be you. Being true to yourself, I adore that about myself & her. It’s brave, it’s courageous for me it was relatable and I picked up on it as soon as I started reading; I got lost in her “realness” it was refreshing. I also adore her passion. To start a business in such a way that she did is admirable, completely fueled by passion… I too am a passionate woman so “passion recognized passion”.

So basically it’s a rags to riches story about a young girl who had nothing and currently is the fastest growing retailer in the country! Her company is called Nasty Gal. It originated as an eBay store selling women’s vintage clothing. She would go to goodwill stores and thrift stores purchase items then resell them on her eBay store. She bought a Chanel jacket at a Salvation Army store for $8 and sold it for $1,000. I mean come on she’s a HUSTLER! That’s HUGE! She started in 2006 and last year her company made $100 million dollars! WHAT? Yes it’s all true, she is phenomenal! She started off job hopping barely making ends meet and ended up using MySpace and eBay to build a fashion empire! But wait she has no college degree, no experience she built her company ground up herself! Bossy indeed! The book tells of her mistakes, her first item she sold on eBay was stolen to how you need to be responsible over your finances.

It is well written and flowed great explaining the type of woman Sophia is and her journey to success as well as giving tidbits of advice here and there. I also loved the stories of the other girl bosses that was really cool to not only share your success secrets but to also share other successful women’s–brilliant. I took it as don’t only take my word for it, but look at her…and her…and her too!

This book was so inspiring and motivating I would recommend it to everyone that is currently trying to pursue their dreams. It also made me embrace my new nickname my cousin provided me with “Boss” she even got me a necklace that said “#Boss” and I wear it every chance I get because I am a “Boss” a proud “Girl Boss”! I have my own company and I make my own rules! I embody the true essence of “Girl Boss” and rock it proudly! I think it’s amazing how women from different ethnic backgrounds, upbringings, different cultures all together can have so many similarities and bond. Although Sophia hasn’t meet me,from reading the pages of this book I feel like Sophia is a friend, a quirky girl from down the street who believed in herself and made her dreams a reality. So with that I’ve always believed I am somebody special, so this weird, quirky, brutally honest girl from Detroit who started a brand, Do Dream On, she too can make her dreams a reality! That’s one of the biggest things I’ve sensed Sophia was trying to convey from this book that if I can do it so can you! There are so many quotes and complete chapters I wish I could quote but I will share a few of my favorites. Disclaimer when I was taking notes while reading I didn’t put if it was from Sophia OR the featured Girl Bosses so if you want exacts you will have to read it yourself LOL *wink*. Any who here are a few of my favorites from the book.

“Spend money because it’s an investment in your own well being, not because you’re bored and have nothing else to do”

I think that’s awesome advice and I’ve been doing that especially since I’m on a strict budget. I think how will this help my daughter, myself and/or my business and then I either purchase it or put it down. This is super hard for me because prior to having a child I spent money frivolously just because I had it. Lesson learned!

“It’s just recognizing the fact that we control our thoughts and our thoughts control or lives”

This is something I knew prior to reading this book, however it was more so confirmation on the path I already was on. So salute to signs. I see them God! This is truly powerful though because once you realize this you can then start making small ripples in your thought patterns that then create large waves which in turn starts changing your life!
“If you believe something, other people will believe it too” YES! Fact! I relaunched my website on its year anniversary (Oct.4th, 2014) and I’ve been back posting and blogging and as soon as I started back up the calls started I believe I am an awesome photographer and writer and once I put that energy out there others believed in me as well.

She stated “Failure is your Invention” and then quotes the great George Bernard Shaw “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” YES! Right now I have some really epic life changes and I at one point felt like a failure I have to start over, press reset and this quote that I’ve heard before, was awesome timing & straight gave me life! I’m creating myself and my brand! Failures will happen but that’s where you learn the most about yourself and life. Embrace the failures!

I also loved how she described being a one-percenter and how you live your life your way! I won’t go into detail you will have to read it for yourself lol

As I stated I could quote the entire book but I will end on this, she said, we could ignore the entire book, but don’t ignore this, “You create the world, blink by blink. It’s entirely yours to discover, and yours to create.” If this didn’t give me life, ring my bell, fire up my engine! Yessss Sophia Yessss! That is exactly true! So simple yet so profound. I am definitely learning this, but I love her choice of words. A light bulb like on the cartoons went off in my head when I read this. I’m choosing to create greatness for my daughter and I! What are you choosing to create?

So that was MY version of a book review I was going to research how one was done but thought nah I’m just going to share my thoughts and leave it at that… My Life My Rules LOL

I hope each and everyone of you reading this will check the book out it has all types of gems and tidbits that I’m sure will rock your world as it did mine! Sophia, my new home girl, rocks and I have so much adoration and respect for her and her brand! #GirlBossesUnite!

My definition of #Girl Boss… Is it’s a “girl” who alludes Power, Empowerment, Self Confidence, Strength, rawness, realness, triumph, uniqueness, authenticity, hope, creativity, limitless, boldness, success, freedom, honesty, valor! So indeed I’m a Girl Boss & Proud!

So I’m challenging you, yes you to read it and get hip and join the movement The #GirlBoss movement!

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Xoxoxo Yours Truly,

Thee’ One & Only,

Chonita Nicole

Sending Peace, Love & Positivity Your way!

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