I Believe
Posted on October 14, 2013 in All, Dream
I Believe

I believe…

I believe in God,

in Jesus Christ

in the power of prayer

I believe if God allows it, there is a purpose

I believe in love

in smiling

in laughing until I cry

in making memories that last forever

I believe in family

I believe in my future

I believe life is your greatest teacher

I believe in Madison Rose

I believe motherhood is one of God’s greatest blessings

I believe my daughter was made just for me to make me better

I believe children are precious gifts from God

I believe learning who you truly are is one of the best feelings ever

I believe in everything girly

in pink and purple
in hearts and smiley faces
in butterflies and food…lol

I believe everything is funnier when you are sleepy
I believe everyone can sing when singing his or her favorite song
I believe movies were made especially for my enjoyment
I believe reading lots of books and taking lots of vacations

I believe in passion
in following your dreams
in believing
in faith

I believe everything happens for a reason and you were sent here for a purpose!


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