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Queen Dreamer

A woman who knows who she is has morals and values, works hard in every aspect of her life.

A woman who loves passionately, openly, and wholeheartedly, because she knows love is the most powerful force in the world.

A woman who embraces the true essence of her being…her truth… her greatness… her flaws. She is free…she is bold…she is unapologetically herself. She knows she’s royalty and acts as such!

She acknowledges, respects, and empowers other Queens. She knows anything is possible, as long as, she believes in herself and trusts her royal journey that she has all the power within her to manifest the life she deserves.

She understands that to fully live one must be grateful for everything! Every life lesson, the good and the bad, because everything she’s been through perfectly molded her into the woman she is today.

She knows you must live with a purpose and she has the courage and strength that no matter what life brings her way she will always follow her dreams!


Yours Truly Thee’ One and Only,

Chonita Nicole

Daughter of The King, Mother to Maddi, Queen Dreamer, Queenpreneuer, Believer, Daughter, Sister, Friend

Thank you for taking the time to speak with Do Dream On LLC in regards to our *Queen Dreamer* segment. I personally respect, and value you as a wonderful Queenpreneuer (yes I made that up) and would love for you to be featured on my Blog. I don’t take this lightly and truly appreciate your participation. Here are the questions. Please return them to me completed with 4 of your favorite photos of yourself.

Thank you

Xoxoxo Chonita Nicole12140692_10206244883854285_9066499300942263331_n

1. What’s your profession?
I am the owner of The Ashleigh Nicole Collection Cosmetics line. I also work at a girls residential facility with teenage girls.
2. What does a day in your life consists of?
I’ve been waking up a lot earlier, trying to work on my time management. I get up, I try to listen to gospel sometimes, write, work on my goals or just meditate and thank god. It helps center my day. I work on my business for awhile, I work with the girls full time 5 days out week so that keeps me busy and I also decided to go back to school after graduating last June, so I’m always pretty busy.
3. How did you become an entrepreneur?
I can remember back when I first graduated from high school, I wanted to go to school for early childhood because I loved kids, but didn’t really want a career in that. I always knew that I wanted my own business though. I started taking business classes, and learned how to make a business plan and the rest was history lol I learned various things about tax Id numbers, wholesale, registering names and different businesses. My first business where I sold jewelry, clothes, handbags etc was called BU Boutique, which started back when I was 19-20. I’ve tapped into a different part of me that loves more of the beauty aspect of things, which birthed The Ashleigh Nicole Collection.
4. Why do you work in that line of business? What made you decide that’s what you wanted to do?
I can remember back when I was about 21 when I went on vacation with my best friend to Miami. I was always a lipgloss girl and mascara girl, I didn’t really do makeup. This time I remember saying though I wanted to try some red lipstick lol too afraid to try it at home, I figured who cared out of town I didn’t know them so if I looked crazy oh well lol I remember putting on Mac Ruby Woo and fell in love with lipstick and the feeling and confidence it gave me. Ever since then I’m become obsessed with lipstick and everything beauty related.
5. What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I love being able to get people to step outside the box and out of their shell. I like for them to see you can wear lipstick or different types of makeup and not have to look over the top, but sometimes just have on something so simple that can change just make you feel so beautiful or just to spice things up. I’m real about things so if you hate red lipstick I won’t sell you red lipstick, I like to show women what I like, what looks good and ultimately what works for them.
6. What do you least enjoy?
I’m a person that loves to make everyone happy when servicing them, but I’ve learned that you can’t make everyone happy. If I feel that I can’t deliver what a person wants or needs as a business owner than bothers me. I feel like that’s really important and is always my number one goal.
7.  If you would give a young Queen Dreamer or King Dreamer any 3 pieces of advice what would you give them?
– Always follow your dreams, you never know how far it will take you. Everything that any person has created once stemmed from a thought/idea.
– Set Goals, big and small. Set goals for yourself daily, weekly etc you have to prioritize your tasks, stay focused and always have a plan for your life. If my plan A didn’t work, I’m the person that has a Plan B and C to follow.
– Trust God. You truly can do all things through Christ.
8. What’s some advice you wish someone had given you prior to starting a business?
You can’t do business with everybody and sometimes it’s ok to keep ideas to yourself. You can’t share things with everybody.
9. How do you market your company?
I have social media accounts, a website for The Ashleigh Nicole Collection, business cards etc
10. Do you have a mentor or someone you go to for advice? If so who and how have they assisted you thus far?
No, I don’t have a mentor. I do have friends that also have businesses that I may talk to about various things about.
11.  Do you have a website or ways that someone can contact you?
IG- theashleighnicolecollection
12. What was one of the hardest decisions you had to make in regards to your business?
I haven’t had to really make any really hard decisions. When I truly have to make certain decisions I’m stuck on I pray about it and ask God for guidance.
13. Just for fun, what’s the strangest thing that has happened to you running your business?
One of the strangest/best things that has ever occurred to me was one time I signed up for a makeup class, but didn’t know the person hosting. I just wanted to learn lol me and my sister purchased tickets and a few days later the person actually reached out to me via social media and liked my products and wanted to meet with me and she allowed me to set up a table at her event and she used my products on her models. It was such a cool experience, I was so shocked lol but it was a blessing .
14. When people think about you and your company what would you like for them to think; what do you want your Legacy to be?
I want to be known for actually delivering good service to women, products they love and if I’m dealing with them hands on actually consulting with them and making them feel beautiful and confident. I want a woman to feel the same way I did when I put on that red lipstick when I was 21 lol it’s not just about money, but creating something meaningful behind it. An actual experience for a woman to remember.
15. What’s your ultimate goal for your brand?
I want to expand my line, I want to reach different demographics of women, not just here in Detroit. I’m working on a lot of things right now for the Collection so I just want to continue to build and grow as a brand.
16. I’m sure you have read my definition of a Queen Dreamer what do you think of when you hear *Queen Dreamer*?
When I think of a queen I think of a woman who is strong, fearless, in control of her life. A woman who knows that she can do whatever she puts her mind to. A woman that loves and gives, a woman that knows despite what her circumstances maybe she will always rise above them and blossom into her God given purpose.





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