*~*Black History*~*
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i personally believe black history is american history and shouldn’t be limited to just a month. however, to show my respect, gratitude, and honor for all of my ancestors i definitely will acknowledge it!

*salute black history*

i ran across this beautiful poem i would like to share on the last day of “black history month”

what is black history?

by: latorial faison

it is the dirt road our forefathers trod,
memories of their lives branded in our hearts.
it is a word, a place, a state of mind.
black history is a peek into our ancestors’ time.

it is a piece of fabric our grandmothers wore,
an old rope that our grandfathers lived to deplore.
it is a slave ship and middle passage over seas.
black history is cotton fields and tobacco leaves.

it is a plantation overseer and back door crumbs,
weeping and wailing, a beating of drums.
it is a troubling truth, an unapologetic past.
black history is an entire race struggling to last.

it is a mississippi burning in a tennessee town,
an evil that lingers to bring black people down.
it is a book or movie of strength, courage, and will.
black history is the fate of young emmett till.

it is little ruby bridges, the exquisite ruby dee,
carter g. woodson, and coretta scott king.
a mahalia jackson song, a michael jackson routine,
black history is the phrase “let freedom ring!”

it is cheney university, the tuskegee airmen,
the n. a. a. c. p., the black holocaust museum.
it is a navy master diver named carl brashear.
black history is our legacy of triumph without fear.

it is general colin powell, a vaudeville drama,
zora neale hurston, and president barack obama.
it is every single experience of our history.
black history is the story of you and me.

i truly appreciate this poet for such a wonderful poem!

xoxoxo yours truly,

thee’ one and only chonita nicole

sending love, peace and positivity your way!

xoxoxo yours truly,

thee’ one and only chonita nicole

sending love, peace and positivity your way!

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