*~*Our Princess *MADISON ROSE* is *ONE* years Old*~*
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march 1st, 2013 at 8pm sharp my life changed forever! the most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful little girl was born princess madison rose wilson!


i’m literally speechless when i think about our princess madison rose being one years old! wow this year flew by and i am beyond grateful and blessed that god blessed us with this beautiful, intelligent baby girl that has changed our lives forever! i remember it all like it was yesterday…finding out we were pregnant…going to the emergency room and the er doctor telling me i was going to lose my baby by having a miscarriage within the next few days ohhhhhhhhhh but god!!!!!!!!! whew! glory to god he deserves alllll the praises thank you jesus! thank you father god! thank you for letting man know that you have the final say! thank you although my daughter was born, grey, limp, not breathing with fluid in her lungs you blew breath in her nostrils and said yes to her life! yes to her being perfectly healthy and no health issues not even a day in the hospital in 12 months yessssssss!!!!! lord! i’m so emotional i’m so grateful i’m so honored! i remember the first time i felt you kick madison…i remember the first time i heard your heartbeat right then it alllllll became real and i loved you like i never knew loved before…i remember your first ultrasound and each one thereafter…i remember you being a daddy’s girl in my tummy when daddy(my husband) spoke to you, you she would go crazy…i remember praying over you while you were in my womb and reading to you and rubbing you like i do now =) …i remember the first day i had to go back to work crying my eyes out not wanting to leave your side…i remember being on bed-rest, the dizziness, the black outs and the countless rolls in a wheelchair leaving work praying you would be ok! (i just thank god for you and i would do it all over again) i remember the day i was able to quit my job to be a stay at home mom! yesssss! i remember the united way coming in my hospital room and changing our lives forever, us being on tv and them asking you top be their spokes baby =) i remember not being able to sleep because you were in nicu and i wanted to hold you and comfort you so badly…i remember the first time i was able to hold you it was indescribable…the first time you smiled…your first word “dada”…how you love your daddy sooo much…i remember you latching on fast the first time i breast fed you and how special our bond is and was…i remember the first time you said “mama”…i remember your face on christmas morning and you actually played with all your toys like a big girl =) i remember each milestone as if it was yesterday (and i documented them just in case lol) i’m so in love with you i cant even explain!

i pray for you daily and i’m trying my hardest to be the best mother for you! everything i do i do for you and to glorify god!

words can’t describe the love i have for you i’m literally speechless!

*happy birthday to my mini me, my princess, my dream girl, my heart, my love, my daughter, my first born, my baby, my maddi, my madison rose!* yassssssss thank you lord! thank you thank you thank you!

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just a few pictures of the princess! =)

now everyone pray for madison please and wish her a happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy woohooooooo!!!!!

a blog of her 1st birthday party will be up soon so stay tuned!

xoxoxo yours truly,

thee’ one and only chonita nicole

sending love, peace and positivity your way!

xoxoxo yours truly,

thee’ one and only chonita nicole

sending love, peace and positivity your way!

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    Awwww this was sooooo SWEEY!!! Go Maddi Go Maddi!!! Trey said “that bday party was hype”! Lol

  4. Andrea /

    Awwwww that was soooo SWEET!!! Go Maddi Go Maddi!!! Trey said “that bday party was hype”! Lol

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