*~*Motivational Monday: Self-Confidence*~*
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Heyyyyy Dreamers,

This motivational Monday I wanted to speak on self-confidence.  Confidence is generally described as a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective. Self-confidence is having confidence in oneself, per the Wikipedia. With that I want to encourage you to really believe in yourself and try to build your self confidence, it’s really important! This world is tough, it’s tough for all of us but you have the power to create your world to be however you want it to be! And that starts with YOU! We have all heard the saying,  “You are the director of your life”; that’s so true! We have to stand up and take our God given rights and talents and believe in ourselves!

I personally have been told I have too much confidence, I think too much of myself; that is utterly ridiculous! Every since I was a child my parents and family help build my self confidence from a young age and then I took over it is called SELF-confidence  =) and I am grateful to them for that. They always believed in me and told me positive things about myself.  I never had a problem with self-confidence, that wasn’t my issue (I have some but that one just isn’t mine). I am not arrogant or I don’t look down on people I just believe in myself A LOT and I don’t think it’s anything wrong with that! SO to all of the confident people don’t allow others insecurities to break you down stay strong in your beliefs in yourself, but also stay humble!

For some people it’s not that easy, all of your life you may have had low self-confidence—your mother/father, family members, friends or some kids at school may have verbally abused you or tore you down instead of building you up. Or your parents may not have self confidence so they don’t know how to teach it to you.  I could only imagine how hard that would be, but at some point you have to heal and try to repair your broken issues—we all have them (they just may be different), but the first step is acknowledging them and then you can work on fixing them. This won’t be an easy process if all of your life you’ve had issues BUT it’s not impossible either. SO if you do struggle from self-esteem issues make a pledge to yourself to go get counseling, go to support groups, go to your Pastor or religious leader and start working on healing and building your self-confidence, the time is now!

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    Thanks this is something I work on everyday! Cute quotes :)

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